Surrendering Your Pet

SurrenderFHS considers itself to be a place of last resort for surrender of pets. Before surrendering, please explore every possible alternative including friends, relatives and rescue groups. Although we do our best, we simply get in too many pets to place them all and cannot guarantee that any pet will be adopted.

Surrender counseling enables us to see if we can provide a service to help the owner prevent the surrender. Services include advice on behavior issues, free pet food from our Food Bank, low cost routine medical services and advice on other placement options that would be in the best interest of the animal. You may also click here for pet behavior tips.

Flagler Humane Society is a private, non-profit shelter supported by public donations. If you must surrender your pet to the shelter, there are surrender fees listed below to help offset the cost of your pet’s care.

  • Cat – $65
  • Kitten – $65 each or $150 per litter
  • Dogs under 40 lbs – $65
  • Dogs over 40 lbs – $100
  • Puppies – $65 each or $150 per litter


We only accept surrendered animals on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s between 1-3 pm. Please bring your photo ID to the shelter. You will also be asked to complete a profile on your pet to assist us in matching him or her to the most suitable home.  All pets are evaluated for health and temperament before being placed up for adoption.


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